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March 17, 2009

to re-start, as it were, my blog, i’d like to begin with this tasty little artical:

WASHINGTON, March 16 (UPI) — Political science majors can be forgiven for recycling Karl Marx‘s prediction, made 160 years ago, that capitalism would sow the seeds of its own destruction by widening the gap between workers and “capitalists.” Since the end of the Cold War and the defeat of communism 20 years ago, boardroom-authorized CEO emoluments in the Fortune 100 have gone from 40 times to 300 times factory-floor wages.

Profit projections three months out have long displaced forecasts for long-term growth. And democratic capitalism morphed to casino capitalism and, since the Enron scandal in 2001, metastasized into bandit capitalism. Bernard L. Madoff made off not with the $50 billion first announced in a new world record for criminal Ponzi schemes but with an estimated $67 billion, leaving thousands penniless. President Obama may not think it’s as bad as we think; in fact, it’s a great deal worse.

this exscript is  from  Upi.com it is a short little commentary by one Arnaud De Borchgrave

a decent piece that gives a good overview of what is getting people so riled up these days and i think it holds some portents for what we might expect to see in the near future.

For one thing it is damned right about Marx, capitalism will destroy itself, or at least as we have come to know this modern super-capitalism will destroy itself, unfortunately it will probably take most of us along with it. I don’t think Adam Smith ever envisioned massive corporations that held more wealth and power than small nations(often gained at the expense of small nations) or even the extreme individualist Ayn Rand ever thought these champions of industry would be so massively rewarded for abject failure. Literally the same individuals who lead their companies into financial ruin are the same ones receiving million dollar bonuses,paychecks, retention fees, and golden parachutes. Its absolutely mind boggling!! It flies in the face of every single worldview, religion, philosophy, and fair minded sense of justice on the planet. there is no justification for this crap, those people should be standing trial for fraud among other criminal charges, not being rewarded for destroying the world’s economy.

As for predictions, in an article I might get around to posting later one Dimitry Orlov lays the case out that the fall of the soviet union can be compared to the current destruction of the American empire. While he focuses more on underlying causes(like rampant militarism and willfull ignorance of the plight of the average citizen) I think the results of the fall will be the most similar.  As  De Borchgrave notes, a feature of the soviet collapse was the rampant theft of cash of epic purportions that has left russia still struggling to obtain economic prosperity for its citizens despite huge influxes of wealth with increases in oil and natural gas prices( in addition to monopolistic control of such resourses excersised over former satalite states). Indeed, shock captialism created a lot of russian millionairs and billionairs who proceeded to hide their wealth away in wealthy euopean states and tiny third world nations with few or no tax evasion laws. While tax evasion has always been a pastime of the ridiculously wealthy in the west I think what we will see in the future will make the russian billions pale in comparison as it is already to the scale of trillions in unpaid taxes.

Russia avoided rampant anarchy and violence but it did not collapse while the world was in the midst of the growing problems of climate change and the energy crunch, nor was it engaging on two separate fronts half the world away from it’s boarders. A farmer, rancher, and new editor at the agonist.org envisons a state likend to the special economic zones found in third world countries, a prime example being the Mexican town of Juarez.  A quick search will tell you more than you want to know about the place.


we are all screwed

January 29, 2009

well mabye its not a guarentee that its all going to hell, but we sure as hell are not being given the real story from our newspapers,news programs,or our goverment. we are all reasured about the current economic crisis as our leaders in goverment and buisness are acting to prevent disaster and reduced the effects of the coming depression, which some say will be as bad or worse than the last great depression becuase as much as we know now we are dealing with more problems than they had. our grandparents didnt have to deal with global warming, oil shortages, intense international cometion from russia,china,or india. the current proposals for solving the crisis are desined to benefit the rich and ensure their wealth over actually preventing the global economic crisis.

this essay give a good overveiw of many of the problems and what is going wrong.


its a long one and full of some wonkish concepts but the site itself is a great place for the real news with healthy debate and informed commentary.

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January 29, 2009

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