Got some cool Cthulhu mythos stuff for ya

I’ve been a fan of Lovecraft’s (and related and inspired by authors) for a while and I cant get enough of it. If you are a fan you know what i’m talking about, from the modern comics, the Video games  (ok so mostly nods to cthulhu mythos stuff but still), and the RPGs. In fact i’m working on a campaign based on the B.P.R.D. of mike mignola fame for my gaming  group.

But as i promised some sweet finds

first a music video remix of it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas into something far more interesting:

next a few links to some mythos related sites and webcomics

first a comedy webcomic from goomi, some might recognize his art in from a few gaming related places.

next a site devoted to the games and other media inspired by the mythos

a webcomic i just found recently

even the oinion is getting in on the fun

thats it for now, probably more later


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