re: Obama, he ain’t jesus or superman

As much as Obama has been rightfully lauded for rescinding some of the worst aspects of the Bush administration he still has not brought any real change to the US, in fact he is actually defending on numerous fronts Bush policies regarding torture cases, CIA rendition, among other probes into the malfeasance of the bush admin. Let alone going above and beyond to hand billions of taxpayer dollars to banks with zero oversight in a dubious scheme to save the US financial system.

Take this handful of post from a site I totally recommend the agonist, if only for the spectacular commentary and follow up but also for critical reporting and intelligent editorials. generally a great hub for news and political articles that actually try to speak the truth.

simply disgusting, protecting war criminals. Obama should be prosecuting such Bush administration bastards not defending them from their victims.

to quote the article for all that need be said:

The Centre for Constitutional Rights, which has provided lawyers to defend many Guantanamo prisoners, said the Obama administration has “adopted almost the same standard the Bush administration used to detain people without charge.”

more on that topic. so yeah, great gitmo will be closed eventually but nothing has really changed but a few words. They are even using the same goddamn “national security” bullshit to avoid turning over evidence of torture in british cases. and yes it was fucking torture, unless you want to call international aid organizations like the red cross liars:

No oversight, hiring wall street bigwigs to handle the bailout of wall street bigwigs in a plan that has absolutely no possibility of solving anything because it leaves the exact same people and companies responsible for  the whole fucking mess in place with little to no repercussions. sure the overemphasises AIG bonuses will be taxed 90% but financial fuckers have been tax dodging for years. Obama should be putting a tax increase of 90% on all assets, on and offshore, especially on investments of the wealthiest greediest bastards in the country. the cowards call him a socialist when he risks growing public outrage to protect the klepocratic assholes who have been fucking the world for the last 3 decades or so.

his horrible “achievement punishing” taxes ‘ even come close to those under the beginning of regans terms( till he slashed taxes on the greediest,deregulated business and banks, and exponentially increased defence spending), far lower than nixon’s, and make ike look like lenin.

more on the shitty job of not saving the global economy and just how fucked things could get in the future later.


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