Fave tunes and the meaning behind them part 1

and now for something completly different from what ive done so far, don’t worry it’s somewhat less depressing than the rest.

here is one kick ass song with more than most might think to it.

Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows

Besides the fairly standard video of the band playing plus outline effects and the clips with the classic reversal, i will now attempt to show just what they might be talking about.

The most blatant lines and the ones most politically relevant, at least as i have perceived them come out right off the bat:

We get some rules to follow
That and this
These and those
No one knows

We get these pills to swallow
How they stick
In your throat
Tastes like gold

Now, what exactly does this immediately come across as? Well, some fairly subversive  lyrics, the kind I like. “Rules to follow…” is getting into our legal system, which historically and even at present has had some pathetic, unreasonable, and downright self-defeating rules on the books. From racist, homophobic and otherwise patently prejudiced crap pushed on people by dubiously moralizing politicians backed by religious fanatics and KKK members minus the bedsheets. today, these creeps and loonies still exercise undue influence on those in power, witness idoiocymonger gov. palin and like minded theocratic that still fear witches and satanists to modern day clansmen still afeared of the brown people and them scary blacks who apparently have been ruining white man’s countries since the civil war(hey assholes,  been spouting that crap since birth of a nation yet with the populations of your boogy men at all time highs it’s still whitey who has been fucking everybody over).Other examples include the sheer stupidity and utter hypocracy of prohibition.  sufficed to say the rule of law is hard to justify as legitimate when nutbags are still making them for their own hateful,wrongheaded, or greedy desires.

The next set takes on two similar dimensions. Namely it comes across as the common metaphor for the everyday lies and deceptions of our media and government.  daily we are told lies and inundated with with convenient distractions drowning out what is important and truthful.  deceit, that bitter pill that becomes harder to swallow. Examples are abound and all around us, from censored school textbooks that leave out the worst facts from our history or otherwise revising events to the likening of those in power(see Vietnam) to modern news media that between inane blathering, extreme focus on minor or irrelevant stories,moronic self-contradicting  ideologues, to patently biased and uncritical reporting posing as journalism.  truth and accuracy have no place in the modern media sphere save for the independent fringes and the other few brave souls who dare to seek the truth. The lyrics also answer why we take the pills anyhow, our own weakness and selfish desires, we are bought off with supposed wealth(all vanishing before our very eyes today).

shit, that was depressing


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