we are all screwed

well mabye its not a guarentee that its all going to hell, but we sure as hell are not being given the real story from our newspapers,news programs,or our goverment. we are all reasured about the current economic crisis as our leaders in goverment and buisness are acting to prevent disaster and reduced the effects of the coming depression, which some say will be as bad or worse than the last great depression becuase as much as we know now we are dealing with more problems than they had. our grandparents didnt have to deal with global warming, oil shortages, intense international cometion from russia,china,or india. the current proposals for solving the crisis are desined to benefit the rich and ensure their wealth over actually preventing the global economic crisis.

this essay give a good overveiw of many of the problems and what is going wrong.


its a long one and full of some wonkish concepts but the site itself is a great place for the real news with healthy debate and informed commentary.


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